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Kaona Monastery


Kaona is a location little outside of the village named Draginje, municipality Vladimirci in Western Serbia, region call Machva. This village is known for its Monastery. The Kaona Monastery belongs to the Eparchy of Šabac. There are 7 monasteries that belonging to the eparchy beside Kaona: Ilinje, Petkovica, Radovašnica, Citluk, Cokeshina, Soko, and Tronoša.

Before I got the invitation to attend my cousin wedding I am already known for the existing this monastery but that was it. I arrived in the early morning to attend the mass and later the wedding in the church.

Kaona is about 100 km far from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade to the west or less the 2 hours of driving.

Church on the hill and the lake
Closes biggest towns around are Šabac and Valjevo. If you go from Belgrade head via Obrenovac to Vladimirci. There you will find that road divides in the two line: left to Valjevo and right to Šabac. There you must turn left and drove to the Dragaljevo.
If you drive from Bosnia and Herzegovina you should go to the Pavlovic most border cross (next to Bijeljina in Popovi village) and drove to the east to Bogatic and then turn south via Belotic to Sabac but you could short that trip by choosing the local road between those two places.

Since it has a beautiful setting I find the articles call it "The Paradise on the Earth". It is a beautiful area where the Monastery complex is built.

On the location of Monastery, there is a belief that was existed old church dates back to the late 11 century.

The lake
One of the legends is that real patron of the Monastery was Ikonija, sister of famous Serbian hero Milos Obilic died in a famous Battle of Kosovo (28 June 1389 according to the new Gregorian calendar or 15 June 1389 according to old Julian calendar). First, written documents of the Monastery was from 1548 up to 1624 according to Turkish census at that time of their occupation of the Balkans. Turks have demolished the inside frescos and since 1888 when the old building was collapsed. The Monastery and its monks share the faith of Serbs in all those centuries. Lots of wars in this region left many scars on the life in Monastery and the Monastery itself. The new church is built again in 1892 and burnt down in World War I.
Current church and present look of the estate is from 20 century.

The chapel-cave
The church was built again in 1936, in 1967 the two new lodging was consecrated by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch German. From 60tis there is build two lodging. There is a small chapel for burning the candles and church store. In the courtyard of the church, there is a monks graveyard. Next to it is a gazebo build 1983. Some twenty meters from the present church is situated monastery bell-tower from 1911.
Right by the entrance, next to the church courtyard are two important objects. One is the baptistry building and next to is a healing water spring (with high-quality water, one of the best in Serbia). The water has a constant temperature of 11 Celsius degree. The spring is dedicated to the East Friday. On the wall of the spring is mosaic od the Holly Jesus.

Bell tower, old tombs and a gazebo
The Baptistry is dedicated to Saint Sava. This building is consecrated on July 20, 1985. In the centre of the Baptistry is a cross-shaped small pool. The baptistry was built in early Christian stile. This was the first baptistry, build as a prototype of Baptistery from Theba of Thessaly in Serbia after the seven centuries.
The newest part of the Monastery complex is the new church and new graveyard. The new church is dedicated to the Holy Resurrection and it was built in 2011. It is consecrated on the Day Assumption of Mary. It is designed like the church from 1892. It is located opposite of the main monastery part. Between those two parts are a parking space.

Next to the lake in 2000 it was built the small chapel in shape of the cave. It was meant to symbolize the Bethlehem cave where Jesus Christ was born.

In 1992 the 100 years of the new church was celebrated as well as the six centuries of Kaona Monastery.

Under construction!

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Republic of Serbia


I want to present world less known destinations in Serbia. This blog will be dedicated to Serbian Orthodox (Christian) Monasteries I visited.

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